Plastic powder 3D models

SLS Laser Sintering

SLS Laser Sintering is the ideal technology for the production of small batches or for details which are part of large models, the components of which will later be assembled and completed in our Testing Department.

In this type of 3D printing thermoplastic powders are used (such as nylon), which can also be loaded with glass, aluminium or other materials. This technology allows to create shapes that are impossible for the other types of machining operations and with a good level of accuracy, but it is not always possible to produce hollow or "emptied" parts.

Thanks to SLS technology it is possible to create functional and attractive as well as solid and compact prototypes, with customisable finishes.

SLS Processed materials


This type of aluminium in metallic grey stands out thanks to its high rigidity


This carbon fibre in anthracite black stands out for its excellent stiffness and excellent strength - weight ratio


This is a white polyamide, perfect for use in laser sintering processes, made up of renewable raw materials such as castor oil


Polyamide 12 is one of the most commonly used materials in machining techniques due to its flexibility and mechanical qualities