Sectors of application

Pursue excellence in every single component created to always ensure optimal performance and maximum reliability

MIRA Meccanica has technologies and expertise resulting from many years of experience in the field of mechanical engineering and, in particular, that of Automotive. In this field the customisation factor has become an absolutely indispensable element alongside that of the appearance, gradually shifting the industry's attention to new technologies specifically designed for these processes.

One of these is undoubtedly that of professional 3D Printing that, to date, has reached such a level of accuracy and finish that it can also be applied in the production of components difficult to create using traditional technologies. Thanks to this new technique it is possible to avoid the use of moulds or other less financially affordable techniques, thus saving on manufacturing costs and increasing quality and precision.

MIRA Meccanica creates models, equipment, prototypes and finished components in small volumes with high technical capability and durability, designed to improve the work of the designers in the automotive world.

Our company specialises in producing mechanical components for the Motor Sport industry, ensuring high performance and quality components created in a short time.



Patient care in the field of orthopaedics, implantology and dental sector calls for a high rates of accuracy and fully compliant medical products.

Orthopaedic products also play a central role in supporting patients in their healing process, becoming mobile and improving their quality of life.

Medical technology is one of the most important pioneering industries in the production of additives, objects that integrate the human body in order to change the potential in the beauty, sports and medical sectors.

In the area of medical and dental technology, MIRA Meccanica responds to the needs of individual products and small batches with extremely high quality standards, both in terms of materials and processing.

In terms of future prospects, industry experts and physicians envisage significant potential for growth in this sector, thanks also to the development of an additive technology strongly linked to machining using laser sintering.

The aerospace industry is one of the most advanced sectors in the manufacturing of mechanical prototypes and is characterised by the demand for small batches and specific adaptations.

These components are distinguished by long-term production cycles and compliance with high safety requirements and thermal and mechanical load.

In this context, the aerospace sector is touted as a market with extraordinary growth potential, as it is entirely composed of highly technological businesses.

Manufacturers of spacecraft, military and civil aircraft, helicopters, UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and jet engines actually make up an important part.

Other typical applications in this sector are power supply systems, guide blades, fastening systems and special components for thermal protection, in addition to parts of engines and turbines.



Nowadays, a product's packaging has become a very important element both for consumers and manufacturers.

From a simple way to contain and protect, packaging has taken on an important role of providing information, becoming an integral part of the final product.

This evolution has led to further technological growth within the sector, with the implementation of faster and more sophisticated equipment, requiring complex components built with increasingly more lightweight and resistant materials.

Thanks to the skills developed in different areas related to the construction of mechanical components, MIRA Meccanica operates nationwide with strategic partners in the packaging industry, providing components that meet the needs and demands related to machinery and dynamic machining cycles typical of this sector.

The safety and functionality of our mechanical components and our products allow to work better and in complete peace of mind.

The pharmaceutical sector encompasses the research, manufacturing and marketing of drugs related to human and veterinary medicine.
Excellent design work and the high quality standards of raw materials used are the foundations of the hygiene and inalterability of cutting-edge pharmaceutical and medical equipment.

In this regard, MIRA Meccanica's production standards are meet the needs of customers.

All materials used for the products and the mechanical elements that MIRA Meccanica produces for the pharmaceutical and medical industry have:
• High resistance to corrosion
• Ease of washing of the exposed surface for effective bacterial removal
• Low retentiveness of bacterial colonies
• Surface integrity
• Resistance to impacts and repeated and continuous stresses
• Resistance to marked temperature fluctuations.
The reliability and safety of the mechanical elements and MIRA Meccanica products allow us to work in complete safety and functionality.