Synthesis of the detail

MIRA srl was founded in Imola in 1977 as a mechanical tooling; in 2006, the company was bought by the Malavolti family. Thanks to growth policies undertaken by the new management, MIRA Meccanica will soon established itself as a benchmark in the field of international precision mechanical.

Precision and Innovation

MIRA Meccanica performs precision mechanical machining for automatic machines and moulds with special Steels, Titanium and Aluminium alloys faithfully following customer requests.

Technological innovation and a high-performing production cycle have enabled the company to stand out in competitiveness and precision, and to take part in relevant international projects within the Aerospace, Motor Sport, Medical, and Packaging sectors.

Key strengths

ISO 9001: 2008

certification - Adoption of a Quality System Certificate

Ongoing training

Staff training and updating courses

The tools

CAD systems - CAM and CNC machines

Focus on the customer

Internal grading system to measure customer satisfaction

Rapidity and Punctuality

in the orders management and processing


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