MIRA meccanica

Masters in mechanical solutions

A know-how of excellence in precision engineering that is applicable in many sectors: aerospace, automotive, medical, pharmaceutical or packaging, always with maximum reliability.

About Us

MIRA Meccanica today represents one of the leading manufacturers of precision mechanical components with special Steels, Titanium and Aluminium alloys.

High quality standards and customer satisfaction are our strengths.

3D printing

The 3D printing processing of MIRA Meccanica uses two different procedures: SLS laser sintering and DMLS metal sintering.

An ideal alternative for high-performance materials.


MIRA Meccanica consists of four main departments: milling, turning, EDM and testing.

The adoption of a structured quality system has allowed the company to increase the level of automation and, accordingly, the productivity of the different work centres.

The productive efficiency is the business value that best represents us.

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