Scalmalloy powder

Scalmalloy powder

Scalmalloy® powder produced and distributed by the Airbus group combines the lightness of sintered steel with the typical robustness of titanium, ensuring end products with excellent performance.

The excellent properties of this material together with the design freedom typical of additive manufacturing, additionally offer a level of performance and efficiency never seen before.

It is a material with high corrosion resistance and combines a strength comparable to that of titanium with a high level of flexibility, ideal for robotics, aerospace components and 3D printing prototypes related to the automotive sector.

Technical Data of the material and physical and chemical properties

General Properties Values
Density (g/cm3) 2.70
Typical tolerance (μm) ± 100
Smallest wall thickness (mm) 1.0
Surface roughness, as built (μm) * Ra 10 / Rz 80 *
Mechanical Properties Values
Young’s Modulus (GPa) 65
Yield Strength (MPa) 450
Ultimate Tensile Strength (MPa) 490
Elongation at Break (%) 8
Vickers Hardness (HV0,3) 177

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