Metal powder 3D models

DMLS Metal Sintering

DMLS technology allows to obtain prototypes directly in metal, ready to be used as final components.
The use of the DMLS system mainly aims to obtain an excellent level of precision and to be ideal for post-production processes such as milling, turning and EDM, heat and surface treatments which are attractive as well as protective.

Usually when using this sintering system functional pieces are desired, which have mechanical properties equal to those obtainable with traditional technologies. The implementation costs, however, are very high but the future looks bright, since the areas of application are expanding significantly.

Dust laser fusion to produce elements with metallurgical characteristics equal to or superior to those of components created with traditional technologies.

DMLS Processed materials

Titanium Ti6Al4v

It is used both for rapid 3D modelling with metal powder as well as for wire EDM and welding processes

Scalmalloy Powder

Scalmalloy® powder produced and distributed by the Airbus group combines the lightness of sintered steel with the typical robustness of titanium

Aluminium AlSi10 Mg

AlSi10Mg products provide good strength and hardness, so are usually used to make components able to withstand high loads and in applications that require good thermal and lightness characteristics


Of all superalloys, cobalt-chrome is that characterised by significant mechanical properties such as hardness, resistance to corrosion and high temperatures

Stainless Steel 17-4PH

Stainless steel 17-4PH is stands out from other existing alloys due to is great mechanical properties and excellent corrosion resistance

Stainless Steel AISI316L

Stainless steel AlSl316L is an alloy made of highly corrosion-resistant iron

Maraging Steel

Maraging steel is a special iron-based steel with excellent hardness and malleability characteristics, as well as good toughness and elasticity, almost up to breaking

Iconel 625 and 718

This type of material is characterised by high resistance


alloy is a material whose excellent melting properties

Aluminium 2024 with 10% ceramic

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